What is Certificate Program in Information Technology?

By providing the pathways to early academic dropouts to pursue education again within a structured ecosystem, talent shortage can be mitigated.

India has the largest youth population in the world which creates a huge demographic advantage: more than 60% of the total population is of working age. However, with 17% dropouts at secondary education level which constitutes a significant part of this working population, the participation across organized job sectors is lower. While there are many reasons that are attributed as the causes for students dropping out of the education system at these levels, some of the major ones include financial constraints, domestic needs, early marriages, and a need to be a financial provider for the family. To support these academic dropouts, the Certificate Program in Information Technology has been designed towards providing these students an opportunity to curate a career through entry level jobs in Information Technology

The program aims to
  • Drive inclusivity of dropouts into formal workforce
  • Build sustainable & scalable ecosystem of sustenance through partnerships
  • Bridge demand-skill gap by producing industry ready workforce






Hours of Training

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